I am very glad to tell you our trade mission is successful

I am very glad to tell you and the Council that our trip was very smooth and successful. We have arrived Chicago after 21hours trip from Los via Abu Dhabi to Chicago. Our delegation (kano chamber)is the most organized among the African delegations with many Government representations from Lagos Niger delta from Nigeria. Despite the presence of many Commissioners we're given the respect of leadership role.

Already 6 delegates have arrived and registered while 3 are expected to arrive today. We have prepared an action plan and program to follow for the duration of the conference. We're meeting the  Illinois Governor and will invite him for our Trade fair. Meanwhile we have identified several companies for B to B discussion and Government partnership.

Please forward this to all council members and continue to pray for us to succeed in establishing strong and viable business relationship between our two countries. I am exploring the possibility of doing more to our favor.

Kindly ensure the success of other American Polish and Chinese missions which are next in line. I need progress report.

Umar Rabiu Dansuleka

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