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The Chamber’s activities are structured to provide the following services to its members:

1. Statistical and other information relating to trade, commerce, shipping, industry and manufacturing as a guide towards informed business plans and decisions.
2. Promoting favourable legislative protection on the exploitation of members' businesses.
3. Networking and cooperation with industrialists. Businessmen and Professionals to strengthen and consolidate business development.
4. Improve business credibility and reputation; a fundamental key to business success.
5. Provide access to KACCIMA publications/bulletins such as KACCIMA Business Directory, Business News, Kano Economic Digest and Selective Information Dissemination (SID) to support member’s business interests.
6. Organising Trade Missions and Trade Meetings between local and foreign trade delegations visiting Kano or other parts of the Country.
7. Organising Trade Fairs and other Trade Exhibitions/ Showa for the promotion of homemade goods and services.
8. The Chamber is designated to issues a Certificate of Origin to companies and organizations engaged in export business.
9. To benefits from agreements signed with National and International Institutions.
10. To provide certification, endorsement and reference to members as and when the need arises.
11. Counselling and consultancy to SMEs