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                            KACCIMA CODE OF ETHICS

1.    To be loyal in all our dealing and to have mutual respect for the laws of the land and of other nations.

2.    To protect the health, safety and economic environment of all.

3.    To be fair, firm and transparent with customers, suppliers and competitors.

4.    To respect the right to fair competition as an acceptable Global phenomenon.

5.    To respect the confidentiality of business/ trade secret or information of constituent members entrusted to us.

6.    Not to take advantage of fellow members recognized weakness and not to unethically seek to take over the ownership of a member’s business or rights.

7.    To promote and protect the interest of Private Sectors Operating by healthy networking.

8.    To shun any form of abuse of office, bribery and corruption.

9.    To always remains a partner with all tiers of the government but to be non-hesitant to criticize or disagree with bad policies and/or action of the Government.

10.To commend the good works and policies of Government to enhance better living standards and disagreement that may arise within the Chamber of Commerce Movement Internally.

11.  To settle disputes or disagreements that may arise within the chamber of commerce internally.

12.To avoid as much as possible any member taking grievance(s) to the law court for settlement without first recourse to the intervention of the Chamber of commerce association as the case may demanded.